Safe Social Distance Arrangement in Common Areas.
There is an Infection Symptom Measurement and Monitoring Protocol.
Periodic disinfection is provided by Ozone and ULV Machines within the facility.
There is Dirty Air Discharge Feature in the General Area Ventilation System.
Periodic open and closed area disinfection is performed.
Indoor activity areas such as gym, fitness, Turkish bath, sauna are kept closed.
Tools such as tea and coffee in common areas were removed or served by the attendant.
Kitchen personnel are required to use protective equipment.
Disinfection and control of kitchen appliances are provided.
Kitchen and eating and drinking areas are frequently subject to disinfection. Reviews Gym & Fitness Area is disinfected by Personalized Appointment.
Transparent Screening and Service Support that Removes the Guest Theme in the Open Buffet. Table Service (Alacarte) is used.
There is a Safe Social Distance regulation in the Eating and Drinking Areas. Reviews Food Safety Audit is provided.
Foods and Beverages are Supported for the Immune System.
There is disinfectant in general areas.
There Are Disinfectant Stations With Sensors In General Areas.
There are warnings and instructions regarding Covid-19 Preventive Measures in General Areas and Elevators.
Cleaning products approved by the Ministry of Health are used throughout the facility.
There is a manager who will manage the Possible Outbreak Disease process.
Warehouse and Food Safety inspection.
Protective equipment approved by the Ministry of Health is provided throughout the facility.
Operating personnel have equipment and business planning to reduce the physical contact with the guests to zero. Reviews Tools and equipment used by the personnel are regularly and regularly disinfected.
Front Office Staff are protected with the support of Social Distance and Protective Materials.
Regular chlorine level control is provided in pools.
Masks are provided to the guests. Room Ventilation and Resting Procedure is applied.
The Rooms Have Technical Specifications Suitable For Natural Ventilation (Balcony, Openable Glass)
The Room Air Conditioning System has Dirty Ventilation Evacuation infrastructure.
Disposable toiletries are provided in the room.
Daily Room Cleaning Application is carried out according to the Guest Preference.
Textile consumables are washed at 90 degrees.
There are warning and information forms in the rooms regarding the measures taken within the facility.
There is a procedure for sterilization of intensive contact equipment such as Control, Soap Machine etc.
Housekeeping and Service Staff are provided with gloves and masks.
Health screening and tests of the personnel are regularly monitored.
Business Personnel are regularly subjected to Symptom Control.
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